Time I Bring it Back

so I’ve been gone for a while and guess what, i’m back! I missed writing its just very hard to do when your day time job is a teacher. that what brings me to my topic for today. Plus size teachers! so. picture this you’re in class with all different types of students and you then have to stand in front of the class and speak. becoming-teacherbeing that i am plus size its important to make sure that your clothes are well fitted. not to big not to small! kids are mean and they can be very blunt. with that being said you have to make sure your ego is off the charts and also that your confidence is there. being plus size is a full time job whether you’re in front of the camera or behind. just a friendly reminder t
o own your plus size and don’t let this kids stop your flow . you go boy/girl go ahead and go teach!


Halloween Costumes

plus-size-sexy-halloween-costumesSo due to it being the scariest month of the year, I would like to talk about costumes for plus size women. on this journey ive thought about taking some scary/sexy professional pictures for Halloween. I know that a lot of older women like myself love to be sexy for their Halloween extravaganza, then it occurred to me that there isn’t too many sexy plus size costumes unless they are specially made or costing me an arm and a leg. if there is any costumes they look nowhere nears as good quality as the smaller ones. My question is why don’t we view the beauty of a plus size women as the same as a skinny or “thick” one. Its people out there that are bigger then a size six and they are sexier than ever. I want to be able to choose all the different hot outfits just as the others. I just want the same equal opportunity as the next person no matter the size. I’m striving to get my name out there in the image that im in and not the image society thinks I should be.

P.S look out for the photos around Halloween.


so today ive decided to just take the time out and acknowledge that plus size is here and its here to stay. not everyone can be a size two. this makes me think of a time when my mother said she was loosing weight, she was like yea you should go with me too. Did I see shade? well you got that right , my mother is the queen of throwing shade and she would alway let me know when ive gotten to big in her eyes. 1aac4d54152813a3328ae9ef9af131ee1-575x546I never understood why someone could judge a person by their weight. loosing weight or being thick is all there is to the world.I will admit that sometimes I get down due to looking at the models on magazines. Yeah it would be nice to be her size , but then again I wouldn’t be me.The world has a lot to do with why the plus size women and men feel unwanted in this world. just think how many magazines are up in the store that talks about the perfect size or the perfect weight loss, but it may be like two that talk about plus size women or even have them as a cover.  I just want to remind all the plus size women looking in the mirror everyday thinking they need to lose weight NO youre sexy just the way you are

Talent Search

15178_454838237886562_55910050_nhey guys so lets talk about the little pathway I took today on this journey. I found this page on Facebook called http://plus-size-modeling.com/ and of coursed I liked it, but then when I got on the page I realized it was basically a lot of pictures and quotes and im not going to lie I became a little discouraged. Here I am like dang what steps can I possible take. I wrote under pictures asking for guidance on how to become a plus size model and no answers or even comments from others. it was a little stressful, but then I saw this link under a picture and I wanted to see what this thing was about. the website is called  http://exploretalent.com. download (1)ive never heard of the site, but I thought hey what bad can come from trying. I made a profile and I told all my interest and then  there it was, a  list of all cast callings. Then came the crazy part of  the profile THE CHARGES! I didn’t know if I wanted to put any money forth yet , due to not knowing this page, or even knowing if this was a really good paying site. I just left it alone after making the profile, but the next day I got a call telling  me about the cast calls for movies and a photo shoot. I was excited untill he told me in order to get the cast call I would have to be in a membership with them. that part scared me because what if I put my money forth to these people and it’s a fake gig. I then started to ask my peers have they heard or even know about this page. I got one response telling me it was good , so now here I am thinking about making this dang membership of thirty-six dollars a month so I can be a model. do you think it’s a bad decision? I want to hear from you guys!

My Reasons and Goals


Hi I’m ShaDawna Moore if you don’t know already and I’m a newbie to modeling and I’m interested in plus size modeling. I don’t know where to begin, I haven’t done this before and I’m willing to learn and met new people. I just want to start my dream. I’ve never modeled or took any professional pictures before, but I did take classes with Barbizon two years ago. There they taught me poses, walks, how to act in a monologue, how to sit, and the difference between five-minute faces and full face makeup. I also did a pageant while in college it was for Mrs. BE which is a newer pageant at Langston University for plus size women.  I am blogging to help myself out and also help out others who are not afraid to take on beginners getting their foot in the door. I’m looking for modeling gigs and photo opportunities too. I’m no stranger to the camera. I love taking pictures. And I have a very outgoing personality. I’ve always been told if you have a dream and you want it to come true don’t settle for less go out and chase it and accomplish it with a bang. My dream is to model and be somebody in this world. I feel that it’s my calling and they say if you love what you’re doing that you will never work a day in your life. I see plenty of women get discouraged due to their size, but not me this girl is going to stand up for what she believes in and forall the women that are scared to show their flaws and make them become flawless. Follow me on this journey.

A woman Trying to Find her Way

So i started this blog about two years ago and lost my way. I don’t think i was serious as i am now. I shadawna want to get my brand started and by brand i mean me. How do you learn to get out and start blogging. I’m not new to it but i have lost my path. I want to be able to take my blogs and showcase my talents to the world. i know you may think yeah so does everyone else, but everyone else isn’t Shadawna LaShae Moore. I think ive found my calling and its either to blog about modeling or blog about how i want to be a model and the steps im taking to get there. I guess you can call this my journey to finding me. sounds cheesy but this is something im passionate about. feel free to give me some advice.

signed future superstar lol

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A distinguished black woman


“A distinguished black woman stoves to maintain unity in black communities as well in black families ; promoting community service and political awareness , all while emphasizing sisterhood”. Now I don’t know about you but in the world today I know that it’s plenty of hatred and lack of service going on. I’m all about sisterhood so why make each other feel low when it’s the women who rule the world and that can make changes. Women, we are the most nurturing people in the world. If there is a change needed we should make it. Not just wait on a man to give us our freedom. It’s a lot of people who need help and I think as women we should be more willing to go the extra mile and help. Community service can get you far.