Monthly Archives: November 2015

Time I Bring it Back

so I’ve been gone for a while and guess what, i’m back! I missed writing its just very hard to do when your day time job is a teacher. that what brings me to my topic for today. Plus size teachers! so. picture this you’re in class with all different types of students and you then have to stand in front of the class and speak. becoming-teacherbeing that i am plus size its important to make sure that your clothes are well fitted. not to big not to small! kids are mean and they can be very blunt. with that being said you have to make sure your ego is off the charts and also that your confidence is there. being plus size is a full time job whether you’re in front of the camera or behind. just a friendly reminder t
o own your plus size and don’t let this kids stop your flow . you go boy/girl go ahead and go teach!