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Talent Search

15178_454838237886562_55910050_nhey guys so lets talk about the little pathway I took today on this journey. I found this page on Facebook called http://plus-size-modeling.com/ and of coursed I liked it, but then when I got on the page I realized it was basically a lot of pictures and quotes and im not going to lie I became a little discouraged. Here I am like dang what steps can I possible take. I wrote under pictures asking for guidance on how to become a plus size model and no answers or even comments from others. it was a little stressful, but then I saw this link under a picture and I wanted to see what this thing was about. the website is called  http://exploretalent.com. download (1)ive never heard of the site, but I thought hey what bad can come from trying. I made a profile and I told all my interest and then  there it was, a  list of all cast callings. Then came the crazy part of  the profile THE CHARGES! I didn’t know if I wanted to put any money forth yet , due to not knowing this page, or even knowing if this was a really good paying site. I just left it alone after making the profile, but the next day I got a call telling  me about the cast calls for movies and a photo shoot. I was excited untill he told me in order to get the cast call I would have to be in a membership with them. that part scared me because what if I put my money forth to these people and it’s a fake gig. I then started to ask my peers have they heard or even know about this page. I got one response telling me it was good , so now here I am thinking about making this dang membership of thirty-six dollars a month so I can be a model. do you think it’s a bad decision? I want to hear from you guys!