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so today ive decided to just take the time out and acknowledge that plus size is here and its here to stay. not everyone can be a size two. this makes me think of a time when my mother said she was loosing weight, she was like yea you should go with me too. Did I see shade? well you got that right , my mother is the queen of throwing shade and she would alway let me know when ive gotten to big in her eyes. 1aac4d54152813a3328ae9ef9af131ee1-575x546I never understood why someone could judge a person by their weight. loosing weight or being thick is all there is to the world.I will admit that sometimes I get down due to looking at the models on magazines. Yeah it would be nice to be her size , but then again I wouldn’t be me.The world has a lot to do with why the plus size women and men feel unwanted in this world. just think how many magazines are up in the store that talks about the perfect size or the perfect weight loss, but it may be like two that talk about plus size women or even have them as a cover.  I just want to remind all the plus size women looking in the mirror everyday thinking they need to lose weight NO youre sexy just the way you are